You have the best.... treat it that way!

LED Scams on Kijiji & Cragslist!

Be warned of LED scams. The old saying still stands.... "if it looks too good to be true... It usually is".
Through the years of working on Technics 1200 series turntables I have seen just about every hack job and shoe maker fix out there. Sadly many of them are by owners trying to save a buck by following youtube videos from people who themselves are shoe makers. This is somewhat understandable given the present economy and lack funds given to DJ's in the marketplace.

Please understand that Technics 1200's are a valuable tool / item. If they were as easy to fix as people like to make it seem we would not be around and not have the client base we do.

Every now and then I run into a turntable that has been worked on by a previous "qualified" tech. that leaves me asking the question.... "why"? Why does this person work on Technics 1200's and why would he charge for such a poor service.

Let me explain one of the more recent cases of the many I have seen.

LEDS on Technics 1200's have been growing ever so popular and with it comes the scams. Here is one that will break down to show you how low someone will go to make a buck and how many people will get sucked into the deal of the century due simply to price.

This person who will remain nameless advertises on Kijiji and charges less then half of what we do for LEDS as a package. (Strobe, 33/45, Pop Up, and Pitch control). He has done this for well over a year now. Despite this so called "deal" many people come to us as they just don't trust their tables with hobbyists. Cant blame them. Case in point.....

Here is his AD on-line:

So let us begin.....

Strobe Light which is located under the Power On/Off switch. This is straight forward for anyone with experience in soldering and doing LEDS on Technics 1200's. Here you will see that the two posts are actually soldered together. Can anyone say short? Who does this?


33/45: Despite burning the PCB pads these two LEDS were installed right.

Pop Up Light (Target Light): This one is tricky as you need to make sure there is enough "directional" light hitting the record / platter surface. Although he has the right idea.... he has yet to master it. Using one single LED and not securing it permits the LED to slide up and down the window when opening and closing the pop up. This leaves the LED and its wiring open to shorting which CAN and WILL short our the main board. (Ever seen speed problems and / or washing machine effects?). Welcome to why.

Last is the pitch control LED: This was the funniest one I have seen. Rather then invest and manufacture quality clear coloured bright LEDS that actually fit the correct size, this shoe maker decides to put in a round 3m coloured LED and then to disguise the 3m round LED (as this clearly calls for a different size) he put clear silicone on the square hole at the Pitch zero point to amplify the light and make it seem like he put in a correct size LED. Wow creativity to the max. Yes creative but sadly not safe or honest to your clients.

Here is a picture of the right LED for the pitch. The one on the right is the stock green diffused LED from the 80's. The one on the left is what we use. This one is Blue but you can't tell until it is on. (Normal).


Here is the shoe maker version:

To end this I have also seen this person's work on RCA's and other basic jobs for a qualified tech, if a broken tone arm and a burn out pads on the RCA PCB is not enough to keep you away I don't know what is.

Alternatively you can go ahead and get your tables serviced by less qualified people and then bring them to us to get fixed but I suggest saving your time and money and most important your Turntable and come straight to the best. Remember....

You have the best..... Treat it that way!

P.S. If you have fallen victim to this scam contact us. We will help you and get your turntable in safe working order.